Welcome to Fit Body Boot Camp!!

Your decision to become a part of Fit Body Boot Camp of Denham Springs is AWESOME!! We welcome you to our Fitness Family.

To help you get the best experience we’d like to share the following information:

1. One Step at a Time: Fitness and health goals do not happen overnight. Success comes one step at a time. We are here to encourage and motivate you as you take each of those steps. You will have great days and some “not so great” days. Do not quit!! Push through!! If you take a misstep, pick yourself back up, brush yourself off, and get back at it!! In time you will see results and have success. Remember WHY you started this journey. Before working out please watch the Before You Start and Nutrition videos located on the Resource Page of our Website: fitbodydenhamsprings.com.

2. Download the Fit Body Boot Camp App: It is available for free in your app store. This allows you to see and reserve your classes.

3. Join our Facebook pages: There are three of them and all are important.

Denham Spring Fit Body Boot Camp: This is our public page and a great source of information about our day to day operations.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Fit Body Denham Springs

Fit Family Denham Springs: This is a secret group that is strictly for all of our Fit Body Boot Camp Denham Springs members. This page is different from our main public page. Its sole purpose is to encourage and communicate with one another about our fitness journey. This page is where we will post important information that you will need to know so be sure to check back here often.

FACEBOOK Private Group: Fit Family Denham Springs

Fit Family Food Group: This is a secret group strictly for the nutrition dynamic for our members here at FBBC Denham Springs. This will be an accountability group where we will interact with one another about the ups & downs of our new way of learning to make healthy choices with the food we choose to feed our bodies.

FACEBOOK Private Group: Fit Family Food Group 

4. Your Assessments are done with our InBody 570 Scanner

A) Measuring Progress: Your fitness progress is measured using the latest technology available to the fitness and medical industry. In just 60 seconds our InBody 570 Scanner will precisely measure over 40 parameters including muscle mass, body fat, and visceral fat levels.

B) VERY IMPORTANT: Locate and follow the InBody instructions (found in our Facebook Private Group Page – Announcement Section – Click HERE).


1) READ the Preparation Sheet for Taking A Scan.

2) WATCH the video on How To Use the InBody Scanner.

3) WATCH the video on How To Read Your Scan Results.

NOTE: When you enter your information on the InBody machine for the first time – You will be asked to ENTER an ID: Do NOT enter a number!! PRESS the TEXT ENTER button then YOU MUST ENTER YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME
(If you have a long last name the machine may not take all of the letters)

C) Scan Results are stored and accessible ONLINE. Download the InBody APP from your App Store. Login using your phone number and sign-in credentials.

5. Be on the LOOKOUT for an email about the MYCOACH APP by Coach Catalyst

The MYCOACH App by Coach Catalyst is how your COACH will communicate with you and provide resources. This is an incredible tool that will help you be successful on your fitness journey.  It is available for free in your app store.

Communicating with us: 
Please do not call us!!  We are unable to communicate on the phone with you  due to the noise level in our classes!!  The best way to communicate with us is by email.  Email us at: info@fitbodydenhamsprings.com

Thank you for choosing Fit Body Boot Camp.
our Fitness Journey begins here!!