Heather Powell – Bio

Hi! My name is Heather Powell. I have always had a passion for helping others my entire life. My parents have been involved in the ministry for as long as I can remember. Living a life of faith was second nature because money was not something we had very much of growing up. As I became an adult and eventually married the love of my life, God began to bless us in all aspects of our marriage, but specifically by allowing us to help others who were less fortunate than us.

Knowing what it was like as a child not having much gave me a drive to help anyone I came across in any way I could. My husband and I began working with local churches and charities in our community. The feeling of helping someone is a feeling that is un-explainable and something I’m passionate about.

About 13 years ago, I got pregnant with my daughter. Up until that time I had always been very active and therefore relatively fit. During my pregnancy, I gained quite a bit of weight. In my mind, I felt that since I was perfectly okay before I got pregnant that surely I would return back to normal with a little diet and exercise, right? Lets just say that was a great thought, but certainly not my reality. So, I did what most people do in my situation. I had seen the advertisements of women on the posters at the gym and was sure I could obtain it with a little hard work. Thus, I decided to join, with all intentions of going on a regular basis along with dieting to get that perfect body I wanted. After feeling defeated with not knowing what do, and being intimidated by others that were around me, I gave up on the gym.

A year or so later, history repeated itself, except my body and self confidence had gotten worse. After doing this exact routine on several occasions, I finally made up my mind that I was going to learn everything I could about diet and exercise. I began researching on my own and got extremely overwhelmed with all the contradicting info I came across. It was then I began my journey with what I call my “trial and error” phase, along with lots of yoyo dieting. Finally, after several years, I had managed to lose the weight and tone my body. I was actually more fit at this point than I was pre pregnancy!! I was far from looking like a model on those posters but what I learned is everyone is different, and that’s ok. Learning to be the best version of myself changed my perspective of what “fit” looks like. Learning how to properly exercise combined with how to eat has changed my life! It was then I decided to get my personal training certification. I knew that I could not be the only person out there that felt like I did in the beginning of my fitness journey. As I began to train my clients and be part of helping them go from point A to point B with their fitness goals, once again that indescribable feeling I love so much returned.

It was then that I realized that my desire for helping others, combined with my passion for fitness, made me come to the conclusion that one-on-one training was great, but I wanted to help more people than one person at a time. I just so happened to see an advertisement for FBBC on Facebook. As I began researching, I fell in love for several reasons. This franchise implements everything I learned on my own to a whole new level in 30 minutes, and better yet, I could help so many more people at one time!!! To me, It was MY perfect fit. It was what I felt God had planned for me to do at this stage of my life. I am so excited about meeting you, and cannot wait to help you obtain your fitness goals! I just want everyone I meet to experience the feeling of confidence they will get from being physically fit and healthy. It doesn’t mean you will be perfect, because no one is, but what it does mean is with motivation and the FBBC unstoppable formula for fitness, you can and will be in the best fit condition of your life!!! All you have to do is show up!!! See ya soon!!!

Email: heather@fitbodydenhamsprings.com