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Grace P: Denham Springs Fit Body Boot Camp is an experience. If you’re ready to take your life and body to a positive new level, if you have thoughts about making a change in your health and fitness, do yourself a favor and come give it a try. Everyone here, from the owners and trainers, to the other clients who will soon become friends and family, will make it easy to make the commitment. No matter age, gender, or fitness level, Fit Body Boot Camp will offer the tools and knowledge to change your life.

Jennifer P: I absolutely love this place. Everything about it!! The people, the energy, the positive vibes, the amazing coaches, the way everyone pushes each other to keep going. I never thought I would enjoy working out, but this place makes it so easy to want to be here!! I was scared at my first class. I just knew I was gonna die…. but I didn’t!! Lol  So thankful for this gym… this family!!

Meghan C: Everything about this place is amazing! From the coaches, workouts, to even its members, there’s nothing but wonderful things! I’ve been a member from the very beginning in December and I can tell how much my body has gotten stronger and more tone. Each day is a new day as far as the workouts so you never know what you are going to get; it could be lower body, upper body, or all around cardio! One great feature of the gym is the use of the fit 3D machine. This machine can measure your lean muscle %, body fat % and inches. Being “new” to the town I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful, positive, motivating, and encouraging people. Whether you are an avid, advanced exerciser or just a beginner this place is perfect for ALL! I encourage you to come try a class out if you haven’t had a chance…you’ll fall in love!

Lisa M: This gym, the trainers and members are Fabulous!! Everyone is so encouraging, all ages and abilities are catered to. You find yourself being motivated and also being the motivator, How empowering is that? The trainers some how manage to ensure everyone’s needs are met while being in a group setting. The workouts are fun and challenging, and you leave everyday feeling accomplished and closer to your goals. The environment is the best gym environment I’ve experienced, you receive guidance and are not intimated there is zero obnoxiousness and everyone is rooting for the other. The trainers are easily accessible for any fitness nutrition questions and they offer the fit 3d scan which creates a 3d image of your body and measurements including fat and lean muscle. It helps keep you focused and on track with a more precise way of seeing your progress.It really is a great little fitness community not to far from Baton Rouge and easy to get to.

Ben B: At first every gym can be intimidating, but when you walk into Denham Springs Fit Body you can just feel a different vibe. From the owner to the trainers and even the members, everybody there is so supportive. They really make you feel at home. I was talked into a summer challenge of 4 weeks. I never imagined the results that I got out of it. They were so good I’m not stopping with just the challenge. I have a goal and I will get there with this wonderful place.

Judie C: Everyone there from the trainers to the others taking the class were super nice. They are very encouraging and supportive. I’m more out of shape than I realized and the workout is intense, so I spent half of my first class laying on the floor catching my breath. Everyone checked on me and made sure I was ok then assured me that it happens to everyone their first time and did a wonderful job of making me feel completely accepted which in turn helped motivate me to get up and finish out the class. Even though I only did half the class I’m feeling it today so it definitely works

Jodie G: I can’t explain in words how much this facility has changed me….physically & mentally. I’ve been on a journey to feel better, look better, & love myself in any way shape or form that I am & FBBC has been a major factor in doing this. The fun, yet work hard atmosphere here is contagious & even though there have been days (especially in the beginning) were I’ve wanted to give up, the group of trainers & other members become your friends & you want to go to see them & not only make yourself proud, but make them proud too!! Thank you Heather for making your dream a reality….because it’s also helped many of us do the same.

Diane B:This has been one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made is to join. The atmosphere and the people here are great. I’ve gained so many friendships. I didn’t know if I could push my body this hard at times but I can and was able to do it. The owner and trainers here are top notch. I love to come work out everyday I don’t want to miss out. This is the best place to be to get your workout on!!!

Holly C: I came in on a challenge in January not knowing what to expect or if I would even like it…., but it has been the best experience!! I really love this gym from the trainers to the members! I look forward to going everyday and hate when I have to miss! Not only is it fun but I have noticed a change in my body and how I feel about myself. I would 100% recommend this gym.

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